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Churches Reopening for Public Mass – Update 11th July

Dear sisters and brothers,

This is just a little note ahead of the Gospel reflection that I’ll send out tomorrow.  As you’ll see in the newsletter that I’m attaching, the first public Masses at St Martin’s since March have gone very well.  As we foresaw, however, the numbers we can get in are limited.  Depending on the size of households who attend we can get between 18 and 30 people inside.  On Tuesday we had 25 outside as well, and it’s this fact that is making me write to you.

If you come to Mass at all, but particularly over the weekend, it is highly likely that you won’t be able to sit inside the Church.  While maintaining the 2 metre social distancing directive, it will still be possible for you to be at Mass by attending in the Church grounds.  To facilitate this, if the weather is good, it might be helpful for you to bring a folding chair of some sort or a blanket to sit on the ground.  A speaker will be set up outside so hopefully you will be able to hear or, alternatively, you can go to our Facebook page and see the Mass livestreamed there, though there may be a slight time delay.  The Facebook page can be found at https://www.facebook.com/StMartinsLuton/?view_public_for=149780338426178  though remember to put the volume on; I’ve been caught out by that in the past.

If it is raining you may choose to stay in your car, and hopefully the sound will carry or you can use your phone or tablet to follow from there.  In situations of rain or shine, Holy Communion will be administered under the canopy, so you’ll need to come forward at that point.

Equally, just to remind you that, while you may be hungry for the Eucharist, the Sunday obligation still does not apply, so – if you can – it may be better to come to Mass during the week rather than at the weekend when it is likely to be busier.  If you are normally a daily Mass goer it might also be wise to attend just once during the week to allow others the opportunity to get into the Church and enter into the fullness of the liturgy.

Please note, the government still recommends that those over 70 and those still shielding should avoid such large gatherings.  If that is you, or your loved one, please try to link into the St Martin’s Facebook page to enter into spiritual communion with those of us in the parish now able to gather.  You will not, of course, be turned away if you choose to attend.

While we are now able to go to Mass, these still remain challenging circumstances so please bear with us and with each other as we gently walk forward in faith through the limitations that will inevitably be in place.  On that note, can I give a big thank you to all those who have volunteered to steward both for the times of private prayer – which will continue on Saturday from 1pm to 4pm – and the celebrations of Mass over the last few weeks.  They have given considerably in their time and in their deep cleaning skills after everyone has left.

The Lord says to them, and to each of you, well done good and faithful servants.

With every blessing,


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