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Gospel Encouragement – Trinity Sunday – 30th May 2021

Dear sisters and brothers,

We celebrate Trinity Sunday this weekend, a day on which we focus on the fulness of the love of God.  Many images have been used over the years to try and understand the Holy Trinity, but all of them fall short in one way or another, as God is ultimately and completely beyond our human, limited comprehension.  Having said that, one of my favourites is of God the Father as the sun, shining brightly in the sky; with Jesus as the rays of light coming out from the sun, helping us to see clearly what is around us, and the way ahead; and with the Holy Spirit as the impact of those rays on our bodies, warming our skin and, in the process, bringing us comfort.  However, as I say, all such analogies fall short, as does our mental capacity to fully comprehend God.

Pope Benedict wrote: “Today we contemplate the Most Holy Trinity as Jesus introduced us to it…Three persons who are one God because the Father is love, the Son is love, the Spirit is love.  He…is an inexhaustible source of life.”  In today’s readings we are presented with ways in which the Trinity revealed that love.  In the first reading, God leads Israel through the desert for forty years as a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire at night, speaking from the heart of the pillar.  He makes his presence real to them in their years of great need.  In the Gospel, Jesus commissions the apostles – and, therefore, the Church – to evangelise, baptise and disciple new Christians in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  And in the second reading, the Holy Spirit enables us to recognise God, not just as a distant figure, but as Abba, which literally translates into modern English as Dad, revealing the intimate, family relationship that God wants with us.

Each reading highlights how over the centuries of the Old Testament, and into the early years of the Church, God was drawing us into an ever closer and closer relationship with him.  He moves from speaking to his people from the outside, to feeding them with his Body and Blood – choosing to dwell within them, within us, for however brief a time it might be – to living within us permanently from the moment of our Baptism, as the Holy Spirit fills us up from the inside out.  Where once the people of Israel looked outward for him, now we are given the great privilege of looking inward to that place where he has taken up permanent residence in our spirits, our souls, our hearts.

And who do we look inward towards?  We look to, as Pope Benedict wrote, “the Father is love, the Son is love, the Spirit is love”.  We look to the Father who created us, because he is perfect love, and such love is always focused outward, to others, and so he created us that we might receive the fulness of his love.  We look to Jesus, who showed the ultimate love by coming into the world as a man and going through the extreme pain of death on a Cross to enable such perfect love to defeat even death itself.  And we look to the Holy Spirit, the presence of the perfect love of God in our lives, calling us to follow that way of love more and more each day, perfecting us and enabling us to become the ambassador of perfect love that each of us was made to be.  The Most Holy Trinity are calling and commissioning us to be the way in which they make their perfect love a reality in the world.  Let’s look within and allow the space that they take up in our hearts to grow and grow and grow, that we might become ever more committed missionary disciples, ambassadors of the perfect love of God to everyone we meet.  It might feel beyond us, but it really isn’t.  It’s what each of us was made for!!!

With every blessing.