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Gospel Encouragement – Sunday 25th April 2021 – Good Shepherd Sunday

Dear sisters and brothers, When I was part of the parish mission team with Sion Community I would regularly give input on the love of God the Father.  As part of what I preached I would often share a video about committed Christians, Dick and Rick Hoyt.  Dick sadly passed away just last month, but as Rick’s father he showed
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Gospel Encouragement – Sunday 18th April 2021 – 3rd Sunday of Easter

Dear sisters and brothers, In these last few weeks we have seen a few more funerals than normal here at St Martin’s, at least in the 2.5 years that I’ve been here, and, of course, this weekend we’ve had the funeral of Prince Philip as well.  Preaching at all these – except Prince Philip’s of course – has focused my
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Gospel Encouragement – Divine Mercy Sunday – 12th April 2021

Dear sisters and brothers, Greetings on this feast of the Divine Mercy. This Lent my father decided to do something constructive spiritually, rather than give something up, so he set himself the challenge of reading the Gospel of Luke.  Well, that proved way too easy and before he knew it he’d read through the Acts of the Apostles and, even
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Easter Sunday Gospel Encouragement

Dear sisters and brothers, In several courses and conversations that I’ve been involved in recently I’ve been challenged to think in a different way.  We often think about what we are doing, but the challenge came to me to think about why we are doing those things.  And that question applies to our faith as well. To a certain degree
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Gospel Encouragement – Passion/Palm Sunday

Dear sisters and brothers, This Sunday’s feast can be referred to as either Palm Sunday or Passion Sunday.  The term Palm Sunday, in a sense, looks back, whilst Passion Sunday looks ahead. We look back to the amazing ministry of Jesus that led many to believe that he was and is the Messiah, and ahead to the fulfilment of what
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National Day Of Reflection


Gospel Encouragement – 14th March 2021 – 4th Sunday of Lent

Dear sisters and brothers, When I was growing up there were times when I would lie to get my own way.  Maybe we all did at some point.  At least, I hope it wasn’t just me.  My parents and my teachers imposed discipline on me, both for my own safety and so that I would learn right from wrong; I
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Gospel Encouragement – 6th March 2021 – 3rd Sunday of Lent

Dear sisters and brothers, As we reflect on this Sunday’s readings, the central theme that seems to emerge is the reminder from the psalm: “you, Lord, have the message of eternal life.” And, if we take that phrase seriously, we have to ask ourselves the question: do I really believe that God has the message of eternal life?  Do I
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Gospel Reflection – 28th February 2021 – 2nd Sunday of Lent

Dear sisters and brothers, In this Sunday’s readings we are presented with three mountain top experiences.  The sacrifice of Isaac on Mount Moriah; Jesus’ Transfiguration on Mount Tabor; and Paul’s reflection on Jesus’ crucifixion on Calvary, a part of the same mountain range as Mount Moriah. On Mount Moriah, Abraham reveals how deep his faith in God has gone.  Isaac
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Gospel Reflection – 21st February 2021 – 1st Sunday of Lent

Dear sisters and brothers, Rather than a homily from me this week, there’s a Lenten message from Bishop David.  He writes: “At the chapel in Bishop’s House the beautiful pictures of the saints are covered up because we are trying to make the chapel a desert place.  Why the desert?  Because the desert makes sense of this season of Lent.
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