Admission to Catholic Secondary Schools for 2025


LUTON PASTORAL AREA, DUNSTABLE & the POLISH PARISH – Catholic Schools may ask for your priest to sign a form stating that you are a practising Catholic family.  If you need this for any Catholic school within or without the diocese you must collect a SIGN UP CARD (available from the church porch).  On given Sundays in the coming months your priest will stamp this card if you are present at Mass with the child[ren] involved. The responsibility for this lies with parents/guardians/carers alone.

Please see Fr Michael or Fr Liam after Mass this weekend for your second stamp for your ‘Sign-Up-Sunday’ card.  (NB: Attendance at Saturday Vigil Mass is also included as the Sunday date).  The card can only be stamped if the child named on the card is present.  Please make sure you have completed the front of the card.